PRORA Security


How it Works

PRORA has developed a process by which you can be notified by your neighbors through email when security incidents occur.    

  1. Subscribe to the PRORA Neighborhood Watch email list by entering your email address below in the 'Subscribe' section. Make sure to verify your email address to start receving notifications. 
  2. Don't worry, you can remove yourself from the list at any time. The information distributed is moderated by PRORA board members, and all reports will be vetted prior to distribution. 
  3. If you witness a security incident, you may report it  to us for distribution to the neighborhood through our email list. Fill out the 'Submit Security Incident' form on this page. We will follow up with you to verify the details and make sure no personal information is disseminated. 
  4. If you have neighbors who want to be on this list, send them to to sign themselves up!
  5. The job of neighborhood watch volunteers is to simply observe and report. It is strictly forbidden for members to attempt to confront or apprehend suspects. 


To sign up, please enter your email address below. Don't forget to verify your email address in order to start receiving notifications.

Submit Security Incident

Please fill out this form to report a security incident. This form gets submitted to a PRORA board member responsible for handling security reports, currently Paul Perez. We follow up on every report. Your personal information will not be distributed, but we need it to contact you to verify details.