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Peppertree/Royal Oak Residents Association (PRORA) (includes The Terraces and Coachman Estates)

PRORA is a Chartered, Non-profit Corporation of the State of New Mexico, Registered with the Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination for the benefit of all residents and homeowners.  It is bounded on the west by Lowell Street, on the north by Academy Road, on the east by Tramway Boulevard, and on the south by Spain Road.

MISSION: The Mission of the Peppertree/Royal Oak Residents Association is to protect the environment, promote community welfare and encourage social interaction.  It is designed to foster communications between the neighborhood and city government on plans, proposals and activities affecting the area.

ORGANIZATION: PRORA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of nine adult members of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws.  One Director is elected from each of nine Districts (see map).  Officers are chosen by and from the Board Members.  The Board meets every other month in open meetings.

PRORA Board Of Directors

  1. Kaye Myers 379-3161 
  2. Amy Pacheco 332-8205   Secretary
  3. Cheri Schlagel 294-8696   President
  4. Zane Motteler 275-9714
  5. Lori Enright 503-7587  
  6. Bert Dales 332-0647  
  7. Art Verardo 296-6602   Treasurer
  8. John Desautels 883-0374
  9. Open

You can email your board member by  clicking on their name


Upcoming Events

Thanks to all of the kids and parents who participated in this year's 4th of July Neighborhood Bike Parade.  Also thanks to the event organizers for all of their efforts

PRORA Board Meeting

July 10, 2017 

 7:00 pm 

Call or write to any board member for location 

Email List

PRORA sends out items of general neighborhood interest, about 6-12 emails per year.  To get on the list, just contact the Membership Chair.



Position Openings

We need help filling the following important positions:

  • District Representative: The PRORA Board of Directors is made up of Representatives from each of the nine districts.  Some District Representatives also serve as officers.  The District Representative is expected to attend board meetings whenever possible; propose, discuss, and vote on Association business; and pay particular attention to residents and issues affecting their district.  Preferably the District Representative will live in district he/she represents, but the Board can appoint representatives from elsewhere when no one is available.  The District Representative is expected to distribute flyers to their district whenever possible.

  • Vice-President: The Vice-President will fill in for the President whenever the President is unavailable for board meetings or for the annual general meeting.  The Vice-President will take over duties of the President if the President leaves the board, until such time and the board elects a new President.  The Vice-President also serves as an alternate point of contact for outside entities who wish to interact with the Association

  • Newsletter Editor

  • PRORA Web Page Webmaster :  The Web Master develops, maintains, and updates the PRORA website.  He/she also holds the account with the web site provider and ensures that all fees are paid on time.  The web site should be registered with the Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Associations, and shown on their list of Neighborhood Associations   The web site should include, as a minimum, a list of all board members with contact information, information on upcoming activities, information on covenants, contacts for other neighborhood officials, and other links of interest.  The Web site should have contact information for the Web Master so that web site issues can easily be reported by residents.

If you are interested, or want to learn more, contact any one of the Board Members, or contact us via email 

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Recent Newsletters

The following documents are PDF formated documents that can be downloaded and viewed on your computer using Adobe Reader .  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can get it free at the Adobe Web site

PRORA Documents

The following documents are PDF formated documents that can be downloaded and viewed on your computer using Adobe Reader .  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can get it free at the Adobe Web site

Important Committee Contacts

PRORA Committees

Beautification: Debbie Reynolds 350-5600

Newsletter Editor    Open 

GovT. Liaison:  Steve Seligman 275-2514

Membership Email Art Verardo 296-6602

Security Monitor: Ann Dales 322-0647

Dist. 8 Coalition Rep: Vacant

Webmaster: Open     

Peppertree Architecture Contol Committee (non-PRORA)

Rod Schlagel (Chair) 294-8696

Steve Seligman  275-2514

Ron Mansoldo  332-3325

Steve Shaffer  400-0586


The Terraces HOA (non-PRORA)

Glen Magee President 332-9494 

Pat Baker Vice-President 303-775-3424 

Deborah Fincke  Treasurer 294-3927  

Kathleen Gray   Secretary 247-2992 

Terraces Home Page 




Sally Piscotty 271-1353


Lorette Enochs President 922-1466.

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PO Box 20822, Albuquerque, NM 87154, US

(505) 296-6602